MS is frequently in our news as it is the most common chronic neurologic problem of young people, especially women(3:1). Last week I received an email telling me about the first major study on the incidence of MS since 1975. It was reported in the online journal, Neurology, February 15, 2019,with author Dr Mitchell Wallin et al. Research revealed the cases of MS are more than double what was previously estimated. In 1975, 400,000 cases of MS were felt to be the best estimate. This new very comprehensive and detailed study revealed in 2017 that there were 913,925 cases in the USA or more than double what was previously thought. Part of this increase was felt to be cases diagnosed but missed in the 1975 sampling. I believe that the MS diagnosis is also increasing in frequency, too, just as our Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Why? Because our North American diet keeps deteriorating and our toxins such as glyphosate keep increasing.

When I reviewed the MS Society websites of three countries I was cheered by the USA, UK and Australia websites as they outline What MS Is and have dropped the “autoimmune” component. Hopefully this is due to the increasing evidence that MS is actually a microvascular condition [5 to 100 µm]. In my new book Solving the Brain Puzzle, I describe the new MS as “Microvascular Syndrome”. In short, if blood flow is reduced, then oxygen supply is reduced and hypoxia occurs. The importance of oxygen in “MS” recovery is discussed in Dr. R Desai’s article in April 2016, Annals of Neurology 79, no.4:591-604. This study was partly funded by the United Kingdom’s and United States’ National MS Societies. I applaud them for their efforts. This landmark article can help change the thinking of physicians, especially neurology residents, and eventually, the view of the old guard. I was disappointed to see the MS Canada website persisting with the outdated “ MS is currently classified as an autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system [brain and spinal cord]”. Hopefully, this will soon be updated.

Of course, once “autoimmune” description is removed, the validity of current MS disease modifying drugs will be much reduced. This will be a good thing. These drugs, in 15 to 20 years of use, have not reduced the progression of disability in MS patients at all. Matt Embry’s superb “ Living Proof” documentary outlines this reality in excellent fashion. I was cheered that he recently received a standing ovation at the Sedona film Festival in Arizona USA for his documentary.

Perhaps the timing of this February, 2019, study confirming doubling of MS is extremely helpful at this time. Now that there are over 1 million MS patients in the USA and Canada combined researchers and clinicians can look at the issue with fresh ideas and renewed energy. In the next paragraph I make suggestions on what interventions can better help MS patients based on evidence already done instead of drug conjecture which has never been proven.

I suggest the cornerstone of MS control and recovery should be more oxygen. I learned this from my mentor Dr. Phillip James of Dundee Scotland and his outstanding book Oxygen and the Brain: the Journey of Our Lifetime. I use enhanced oxygen every night with my home use oxygen concentrator. In addition, I use oxygen therapy in a chamber at 1.5 to 2.0 atm for approximately 60 minutes once a week for the last four years. My cognition, bladder and energy recovery has been considerable. Indeed, I could not have written Solving the Brain Puzzle over the last three years without this. In my book I review diet, supplements, gut floral transplant, FMT, [I had mine in March 2017, UK] and even CCSVI treatment, [I had mine in 2010 and 2017 in the USA]. I believe oxygen therapy can have long-term benefit for many CCSVI clients, perhaps overshadowing the sometimes short term vascular angioplasty intervention.

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