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FB Live Discussion: Thyroid Disease

It is estimated that thyroid disease is experienced by as many as 5 per 100 people. This important gland produces hormones that impact every cell and tissue in the body. Allopathic medicine continues to use TSH alone to diagnose and treat thyroid disorders when the research suggests this is ineffective.

Soundcloud Audio Recordings Of Facebook Live Discussions

What Is A Virus? Discussing COVID-19 Facebook Live


What is SIBO? This blog post is a summary of our two-part video series on Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO is defined by an overabundance of microbes in the small intestine greater than 103. [Leite et al] Our small intestine does contain microbes, but the quantity is less than that of the colon, and

The Oral Microbiome Nourishing Toothpaste And Mouthwash

The oral microbiome is the lush, diverse and thriving landscape that is the gateway to your gut microbiome. Many ingredients used by mainstream toothpaste manufacturers, (even the natural brands), contain ingredients that are the equivalent of pesticides for your microbes. The recipes below have been created by a dentist and will nourish your microbiome from top to bottom.   Microbiome

Tools To Manage Weight, Blood Sugar Imbalance and Leaky Gut

Kristina Mitts and I discuss how obesity and blood sugar imbalance drive inflammation, predisposing us to viral infections and solutions to manage weight, leaky gut, and diabetes.

Point of Return Coronavirus Podcast Video #8

The causal link to low Vitamin D has been identified for those with a poor response to COVID-19. Many questions remain regarding virology and immunology which are addressed in this video.

Point Of Return Coronavirus Podcast Video #7


Glyphosate Facebook Live Discussion

GLYPHOSATE Facebook Live Summary: Author Kristina Mitts

What is Glyphosate?  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup™, and many other agricultural, forestry, and residential herbicides with the product names Rodeo™ and Pondmaster™, etc. Glyphosate’s primary use is as a herbicide, but it has also been patented as an antibiotic and historically used for chelation.   Glyphosate doesn’t just kill weeds; it is damaging to humans too. We find Glyphosate

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  • vahid tahmasbi Posted March 31, 2019 9:03 am

    hi Doctor , I was listening to one of your talks in Canada < I think you mention that CCSVI is bounch of nonsense is that really what you belive? Now that we have so many type of (CBD)s how would anyone can get the right type even if you live in USA , what I really need is the website any the type of CBD for MS.

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