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Root Causes Of MS Revealed

Kristina and I have combined our efforts and completed an E-Book which is a comprehensive guide to 15 tests that will support your healing. The e-book is Root Causes Of MS Revealed  and I hope you find it beneficial! I am truly grateful to be on this healing journey with you. While we’re not all in the same

Healthline Article CBD

HEALTH NEWS Fact Checked CBD: It Won’t Cure Ailments but It Can Help with Pain, Nausea Researchers who looked at Reddit comments say that many cannabidiol users are utilizing the drug to treat medical conditions. Olena Ruban/Getty Images Researchers who studied comments on Reddit said most people are using cannabidiol for medical issues, including psychiatric

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Integrative Medicine Solutions for Migraines and Chronic Pain

Brain Function Development Thought-Leader of the Year 2020

The results of the North America Business Awards, proudly hosted by New World Report, have been determined. On behalf of New World Report Dr. Bill Code, MD has been awarded: Brain Function Development Thought-Leader of the Year 2020 The selection process….. Following nomination acceptance, Dr. Code was added to the shortlist and became subject to

Integrative Medicine Solutions For Migraines & Chronic Pain


  • vahid tahmasbi Posted March 31, 2019 9:03 am

    hi Doctor , I was listening to one of your talks in Canada < I think you mention that CCSVI is bounch of nonsense is that really what you belive? Now that we have so many type of (CBD)s how would anyone can get the right type even if you live in USA , what I really need is the website any the type of CBD for MS.

    • Bill Code Posted April 27, 2020 11:55 am

      I believe CCSVI is the real deal. It is a portion of MS. I talk about this in my book and online in blog videos. CBD is also well covered in my book.

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