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Natural Solutions For Sleep Apnea And Insomnia: Co-authored by Kristina Mitts and Dr. Bill Code

Approximately 21% of North Americans have some form of sleep disorder; ranging from intermittent insomnia to something more serious, such as sleep apnea.  Many are unaware that there are solutions. This point is established in “Solving the Brain Puzzle” when Bill shares the story about the farmer at the Emu conference. Just a few quick

Sleep And The Microbiome: Bidirectional Influence

FB Live: What does the microbiome have to do with blood vessel health and CCSVI?

Soil Microbiome: The Garden and Your Gut ~ FB Live

Improving Mitochondrial Health: Chronic Fatigue, Pain, Neurological Disorders……

Author: Kristina Mitts Mitochondria have to be one of the most interesting areas in health related research. For every bit of confirmed knowledge we have on mitochondria, there seems to be 10x that of unknown. We know enough that we can use to improve health, particularly pertaining to conditions such as Chronic Fatigue/ME, Autism, Multiple

How To Enjoy Dairy And Gluten Free Diets: Tips, Recipes And More. Kristina Mitts and Cindy Bergen

 Navigating Gluten and Dairy Free Diets  Have you explored a gluten or dairy free diet for your health? If you have a diagnosis of a chronic illness, experience chronic inflammation or are simply interested in improving your health we recommend an experimental elimination for 6-8 months. In particular, those with a diagnosis of Autism, Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia,

FB Live Discussion: The Importance Of Your Mitochondria

The engine that drives your body, mitochondria makes up 10% of your body weight at over 10 million billion!

FB Live Discussion: How Gluten And Dairy Affect Your Body

Chapter 10 Solving The Brain Puzzle: The Microbiome Linking Gut and Brain Health

Please enjoy this excerpt from my book, Solving The Brain Puzzle. For more information on enhancing the 100 trillion microbes that inhabit your gut please visit Taymount Canada Gut Flora Transplants 10: The Microbiome: Linking Gut and Brain Health   Contributed by Dr. Teri Jaklin, ND   As a naturopathic doctor, the gastrointestinal system is central to the recovery and

Point Of Return Coronavirus Podcast Video #9

Many places have begun opening and COVID-19 is now part of our lives. Vaccines are on the horizon with antibody treatments pending. Will a vaccine protect us from a virus that is new? These questions and others from viewers are answered during this podcast.


  • vahid tahmasbi Posted March 31, 2019 9:03 am

    hi Doctor , I was listening to one of your talks in Canada < I think you mention that CCSVI is bounch of nonsense is that really what you belive? Now that we have so many type of (CBD)s how would anyone can get the right type even if you live in USA , what I really need is the website any the type of CBD for MS.

    • Bill Code Posted April 27, 2020 11:55 am

      I believe CCSVI is the real deal. It is a portion of MS. I talk about this in my book and online in blog videos. CBD is also well covered in my book.

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