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The importance of oxygen in MS recovery

MS is frequently in our news as it is the most common chronic neurologic problem of young people, especially women(3:1). Last week I received an email telling me about the first major study on the incidence of MS since 1975. It was reported in the online journal, Neurology, February 15, 2019,with author Dr Mitchell Wallin

Dr.Bill Code – Solving The Brain Puzzle

What is photobiomodulation

What is gut floral transplant

Who will this book help?

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  • vahid tahmasbi Posted March 31, 2019 9:03 am

    hi Doctor , I was listening to one of your talks in Canada < I think you mention that CCSVI is bounch of nonsense is that really what you belive? Now that we have so many type of (CBD)s how would anyone can get the right type even if you live in USA , what I really need is the website any the type of CBD for MS.

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