Today’s physician must redefine their role in patient care and support the healing process through multiple modalities. This is particularly true for chronic conditions, which comprise 80% of all health issues. Offering multiple modes of treatment that include conventional medicine with alternative healthcare practices can provide therapeutic options based on individual needs. Tools for precise medical assessments can assist patients toward a healthier diet, supplementation options and safety in prescribing practices.





tools for the physician



Addiction - Prescription Drug
POINT OF RETURN - a sane, sensible, withdrawal program developed to provide physicians safe titration schedules for their patients, as well as specialized nutrients to address the multitude of body symptoms many may experience during the withdrawal process. MORE...






DNA Drug Reaction Testing
Pharmacogenetic testing allows for more precise prescribing practices. Knowledge of patient drug metabolizing gene variants, found in more than half of patients, can help determine the appropriateness and dosage of many commonly prescribed medications including opioid painkillers, beta blockers and blood thinners. MORE...





Drug Interaction Software
Predicts drug/drug and drug/food/herb interactions based on P450 metabolism. Most medications when combined together or mixed with herbs and various foods have the potential to interact. The GeneMedRx Drug Interaction Software allows the physician to identify potential drug/drug and drug/herb/food interactions. For Medical Professionals Only.