GeneMedRx Drug Interaction Software

medical professionals



Predicts drug/drug and drug/food/herb interactions based on P450 metabolism. All medications combined together or with herbs and various foods have the potential to interact. The GeneMedRx Drug Interaction Software allows the physician to identify potential drug/drug and drug/herb/food interactions. Utilizing the GeneMedRx Software also allows the physician to establish which drug to reduce, without affecting the blood levels of other medications. For Medical Professionals Only.







1. Input patient variables such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter items, herbs/foods as well as other factors such as pregnancy and cigarette smoking.

2. Scan the results for potential drug-drug or drug-herb-fod interactions based on the metabolism of the drugs in question. Please note that results do not include the minority of drug-drug interactions for which metabolism is not understood.

3. Determine the effect removing or adding a particular drug has on the predicted change.

4. If needed, pick an alternate drug or dosage based on the predicted change profile.





GeneMedRx software is provided for the medical community. Individuals using the drug interaction software should print the report and discuss the results with your physician.


GeneMedRx Software - 1 Year Subscription $175




Contact Genelex Corp. directly at 800-523-3080. Genelex is a pioneer in the field of human DNA testing, and was the first company in the world to offer direct-to-consumer DNA drug reaction profiles. Established in 1987, Genelex is a privately held corporation that provides comprehensive DNA testing services to enhance the health and safety of society. Genelex has a worldwide network of contract clients that offer lab services to meet the requirements for any DNA test.